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Daisy Bill – Friend or Foe?

Ask anyone in the workers compensation medical bill review industry about Daisy Bill and you’re likely to get an eye roll or a heavy sigh, especially those who have a large footprint in the state of California. When someone brings an issue to me that starts with: “Daisy Bill just did ….” I usually hold my breath.

My perspective of Daisy Bill has changed over the past few months as I’ve really dug into what they do and how they do it. Are their blog posts a little aggressive sometimes? Absolutely. Do I like it when we or one of our clients are their “target” of a post or complaint? No, in fact I’ve lost a lot of sleep over some of the things they’ve said publicly about us and our clients. However, where I struggle is when I really digest and research the items they “complain” about, I rarely find a complaint or issue they bring up that is wrong. Let’s face it, they know medical billing quite well, and they hold our feet to the fire to do things correctly. Whether that’s sending acknowledgement files, processing bills timely, or providing appropriate documentation, regardless of the requirements being fair or not (which are issues we can openly debate to be fair or not, i.e. timely processing of bills when certain additional documentation is needed).

We as medical bill review companies hold providers to a high standard to submit bills accurately, to the right place, with all required information, which can be a challenging task with so many disparate payers with differing requirements. Why shouldn’t they hold us equally accountable to do things right, on time, and in accordance with any and all regulatory requirements? The answer is they should, that’s how we all improve as a whole, drive to a more efficient market, and improve trust in the system, on both sides.

I view Daisy Bill as an industry player that is necessary and often times helpful in identifying areas that need improvement. Do I like that they frequently blast some of the issues that naturally arise in the natural course of business out for the public to see? Of course not. However, because we here at CompIQ are pretty good at what we do, I welcome them to hold us accountable, and they do.

Our performance should be judged and we should be held accountable for areas that we fall short. I was extraordinarily proud of a recent Daisy Bill blog post where they graded the performance of fee schedule reimbursements for Med-Legal bills in the state of California. Every single CompIQ customer received a passing grade, while our largest competitors received mostly failing grades.

To circle back to the headline of this article and actually answer the question; our view is Daisy Bill isn’t a foe. They are a necessary and important stakeholder of the industry that helps all of us improve and get closer to an efficient market. If you or your medical bill review software provider view them as a foe, you probably should take a look in the mirror to find where the root cause of the issue resides.

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