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Uncover Deep Discounts to Payors

With CompIQ’s Unique Network & Negotiation Strategies

CompIQ’s strong PPO network strategy, out-of-network negotiation, and repricing services are a recipe for industry-leading savings. We’re committed to providing the most effective cost containment strategies for your organization. We uncover additional discounts and savings opportunities for our clients through negotiations below applicable fee schedules or usual and customary rates. Our team of specialists uses compiled benchmark data and comparable charges to calculate appropriate payment recommendations.

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How CompIQ Saves You Money

With Out of Network Bill Negotiation Services

The approach we take to uncover savings looks different depending on whether or not a fee schedule exists. Where there is a fee schedule, we ensure we receive a signed agreement from the provider to proactively guarantee the lowest possible rate.

Let’s face it: claims payors often receive provider bills at an inflated rate. That’s why when no fee schedule exists, we approach things a bit differently. In these situations, we leverage a “cost-up” approach and recommend payment amounts based on our most recent 24 rolling months of benchmark data rather than discounting off of already billed charges. This approach allows us to deliver a national average of 67% savings on all out-of-network services.

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Our Ancillary Services

When you partner with CompIQ, you gain access to much more than just medical bill review software and PPO services. You’ll have the support of our team of experts and additional benefits to make the medical bill review process easier.

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