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A Unique and Comprehensive Approach to PPO Networks

Building Strategic PPO Alignments for 24 Years

Our goal is to provide the most cost-effective outcomes possible for our clients when it comes to PPO networks. When you partner with CompIQ, you can benefit from our access to all major PPO networks nationally and regionally, including key ancillary and Rx networks. We have structured our network solutions to maximize benefits to our clients while avoiding conflicts of interest inherent to network ownership.

And if you have your own network preferences, we can certainly accommodate them if they are not currently integrated. After all—we are integration experts! We’re proud to offer more than 400,000 provider options as well as custom PPO repricing options in our CompIQ software.

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PPO Network Solutions to Save You Money

Custom Solutions to Meet Your Needs

If our PPO network access isn’t exactly what you need, our dedicated team will go above and beyond to customize your access.

For example, one of our marquee customers has well over 1,000 subclients. Each of those subclients operates in, on average, 7 states. Each of those subclients also has a custom network mosaic for each state in which it operates. That means that for one client alone, the system is running 7,000+ custom PPO cascades—a situation that, with the wrong medical billing software and PPO networks, was both functionally limited and cost-prohibitive.

Prior to partnering with CompIQ, this client’s vendor owned and operated their own PPO network. This one-vendor PPO strategy lacked flexibility and agility. Implementing the CompIQ software and tapping into our diverse PPO network enhanced the client PPO savings by 20%, allowing for tens of millions of dollars in medical spend reductions.

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Our Ancillary Services

When you partner with CompIQ, you gain access to much more than just medical bill review software and PPO services. You’ll have the support of our team of experts and additional benefits to make the medical bill review process easier.

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