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Rely on Our Team of Specialists

To Review & Reprice Your Bills

Whether you want to fully outsource all bill review or simply need to augment your bill review services in an overflow or staffing solution, we have you covered. When you implement the CompIQ medical bill review software, you also get support from our tenured team of medical bill review experts. Leverage our outsourced bill review services for unmatched bill processing stability and dependability.

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Benefits of Outsourced Medical Bill Review

1. Identify Cost Efficiencies

Our experienced team of medical bill review experts can identify even the most nuanced opportunities for cost containment so that you can save money where it counts.

2. Improve Quality Outcomes

Although the CompIQ software allows for high volume, rules-based medical bill review, you simply can’t recreate human oversight. Guarantee quality by having your bills reviewed and repriced by a team of tenured experts.

3. Reduce Operational Stress

It’s simple: let us do it for you. Reduce your operational stress of supporting the HR, training, and support needs of running a high-volume operation so that you can focus on the things that matter most.

4. Customized Solutions

CompIQ does not believe ”one-size fits all” when it comes to bill review processing needs. By leveraging internal and partner-led solutions and workflow components, CompIQ designs every detail of a client’s desired workflows in a manner that aligns with the best interests of our clients

Our Ancillary Services

When you partner with CompIQ, you gain access to much more than just medical bill review software and PPO services. You’ll have the support of our team of experts and additional benefits to make the medical bill review process easier.

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